Unprofessional Behavior

Have you ever had a boss who thinks they’re in an emotional relationship with you?

When you just couldn’t give a shit?

I have one boss who tries all this “you don’t support me” emotional manipulation tactics.

Hello, I clock in and clock out, that’s why I’m a peon and you’re important and I’d like to keep it that way.

Exhibit 1-6


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When you’re an asshole by default because of the asshole in your band

Has this ever happened to you?

Someone, a drummer, perhaps, behaves like a complete jerk-off and represents your band poorly as a result.

Case in point, we played the same date as The Vessels, a band from the UK, at the Lion’s Den back in September 2002.

[side note – I wonder if they’re still around – oh, yes, they are  hooray!)

This is also when Mark quit his job because he was sure from this one gig, we were going to “make it” and he hated his job.

Well the drummer in The Vessels asked if they could use our drummer’s drum set because they couldn’t bring that much equipment with them on the plane. We said sure, our drummer said no. Eventually our drummer at the time gave in but only before he made their drummer promise not to mess up his shiny toy.

Mark and I still feel bad about how our drummer behaved. And he was like 1o years older than us at the time. oh well

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