my spirit animal is a gnat crossed with a Tasmanian devil

Okay, so our promotion consists of three people, the world’s smallest assembly line, and lately it’s mainly just me, sending out packages and emails of hope and wishes.

Yesterday, I finally finished sending out to every US college and indie stations I could find that would be possibily interested in our music. I think it’s over 2,000 places.

I’m a little disappointed that it took me about a year and half to accomplish this. I want to be quicker next time.

Mark says I’m insane.

Do you think I’m insane?

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I guess I’ve been depressed

Sorry guys, I’ve been really depressed as of late. It’s like I’m seeping gray.

Lately, a lot of people have been telling me that I can’t make a living from art – writing & music – and they know what they’re talking about. But although I know that consciously, subconsciously I have always believed that some day I will do what I love and not have to have a day job.

I’ve been feeling like I’ll always be here and never be there.

I actually wrote a poem about that feeling. I was taking the E train home and was so depressed so I composed You Are Here while staring at the you are here circle on the subway map. It was published in The Camel Saloon today. My bicycle picture was published there last week.

So that perked me up despite the constant roiling rejection of my novel, Pushed.

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