Is social media all a time suck?

Is social media all a time suck?

It can be but I find it so rewarding to connect with people you’ll probably never meet otherwise. We’ve met some great people back in the day on Myspace, some of whom we now count as close friends.

Also you can reach out to artists whose work you’ve seen and admired. Like with Maria Hassadi and her piece Plastic.

You can tell them directly how their work affected you.


So social media isn’t all a time suck, I think it’s invaluable in creating, fostering and connecting with the creative community.

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The invisible potential equation

Sometimes people are disappointed in you because you had so much potential in their eyes and you haven’t lived up to it – yet.  They’ve written you off but they don’t know you, they don’t know that you’re always trying and striving. And who are they to judge? It’s not their life.

Or worse they already made up their minds about you. They never thought you were going to get anywhere they thought significant.

With some friends and acquaintances, I feel this silent judgement, this invisible equation being formulated. But they don’t know what I do, they don’t know that I try every day in some way. That I create, that I’m shouting at the void.

Mark says — “There’s an unfair emphasis on “making it” when you’re young. Why do you have to make it when you’re young? You make it when you make it.”

What’s making it anyway? Even people who people think have made it don’t feel like they’ve made it. It’s an ongoing hustle.

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