A little late to post this since we’re busy working away on our third album, Fancy Hercules.

But here is for your viewing pleasure – MAKAR’s entry for NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

Submitting to these contests always gives me a little boost and inspiration. Mark, as you can see above, was particularly inspired.

They haven’t announced the winner yet so there’s still a shot.

MAKAR® is a registered trademark.

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My flash fiction piece, Detached, was published in Molotov Cocktail on January 31, 2020

My piece Detached was published in Molotov Cocktail on January 31, 2020 in Volume 10, Issue 12. What a way to start the new year!

I actually wrote this story and submitted it to Molotov’s Flash Monster 2019 contest but did not make it into their Top 10. But I did receive a “Close But No Cigar” shout-out on the site.

I never would have written this story without that contest. I always wanted to write about the penanggalan but Molotov gave me the push.

I discovered the penanggalan through D&D. Its illustration was always one of more grotesque ones. But it also haunted me. And then I found the Fiend Folio at my childhood home.

Penanggalan Fiend Folio

None of the origin stories I read completely satisfied me. I fixated on the fact that a penanggalan will remain unnaturally beautiful throughout her life.

I’ve always wondered what made a woman choose to become a penanggalan (and if it was a choice). I examined the physical price of beauty and the extremes some go to attain that irreproachable veneer.

Hope you enjoy!

Check out Molotov Cocktail on their twitter and Facebook profiles as well.

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