Why I hate my day job

Because it isn’t what I want to do. But I have to eat.

Recently, I read my company’s employee manual. Wow was that disturbing. I should have read it earlier but they didn’t exactly announce its presence, I had to dig around on the company’s internal server for it.

The most disturbing thing was a section about outside jobs. Basically as an assistant you’re not supposed to have an outside job or moonlight as anything else but if you do, you have to get approval from the company so the management can determine if it’s a conflict of interest. I remember the manual stating that all your time should be dedicated to the company. I’ll find the quote and post here next week.

I find this disturbing on many levels –

A) it’s fascist
B) I’m not your slave, you don’t own me in my off hours or even on the job.
C) why do you think I’m an assistant in the first place? So I can have time to do what I want after 5:30 pm.
D) like the company is some admirable cause, charity or non-profit! Like the whole purpose / mission of the company isn’t for lining the pockets of its partners. They don’t care about you so why are you going to care about them. The bottom line is about money. So when they let go of good integral people to increase their bonuses, it’s ok because that’s what corporate America is all about. But when you dare to dream or have a life outside of the company you are doing something duplicitous.

I’m typing this on the go so hopefully it’s somewhat lucid.

Another reason why I hate my day is I could work every second of the day and still be swamped. I would never get a break if I didn’t take them. Shocking, right? Terrible work ethic? Well…it’s hard to have a good one when other assistants are watching full episodes of Game of Thrones, reading their kindles or playing Candy Crush for hours. And because I don’t want to be here. Except my job is my paycheck but don’t expect me to bathe in the Kool Aid.

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and I wonder why MAKAR can’t make any money

in case you were wondering why MAKAR can’t make any money

just check out the percentage of a cent we make on one stream

and iwonder cdbaby

$.0015 of a cent

isn’t that an infinitesimal number? Or as Wikipedia says —

Infinitesimals have been used to express the idea of things so small that there is no way to see them or to measure them.”

Or as Mark says when I asked him what $.0015 of a cent is —

“Not even worth the breath it takes to mention it.”


I actually made more money on poem this year than we did on MAKAR. A poem! The least commercial venture there is.

I got paid $25 for a poem for Poetry is Dead.

We made almost $9 on MAKAR this year. Yeah, we’re in the big leagues. I hate my day job but thank god, I have one.

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