She’s as Pretty as Brian Jones Was

There are certain songs you live inside of – She’s as Pretty as Brian Jones Was by The Drovers – is one of those songs.

It’s music that fills the intangible space between your head and soul, where you discover something different and compelling every time you listen to it.

It is a song that haunts me, the needle prickling the turntable in my head. Of course, without even having heard this song, it would have had me at the title. Brian Jones was indeed very pretty, (I read somewhere that he and his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg used to wear each other’s clothes) but he was also a very menacing character. So before you listen to a single note, this song has the potential to be dark and layered. An enticing combination.

And when you do listen, you are immersed – everything is psychedelically saturated in this song from the dreamlike vocals to the lush instrumentation which adds to the seductive plunge.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Chicago on March 15th, the Drovers are playing a reunion show and hopefully they’ll play this epic song.

And maybe one day I can find the official lyrics to this song so I can check it against what I think they are.

About Andrea

Andrea DeAngelis is at times a poet, writer, shutterbug and musician living in New York City. Her writing has recently appeared in Molotov Cocktail and Timeless Tales Magazine. ( Andrea also sings and plays guitar in the indie rock band MAKAR ( who are recording their third album, Fancy Hercules.
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4 Responses to She’s as Pretty as Brian Jones Was

  1. marciamaclp says:

    Thank you for posting this. It is really beautiful. A bit of a Moroccan vibe too— Brian would have approved!

  2. jeffff says:

    This song has always haunted me too. Upon seeing news that The Drovers are playing together again, I have been working my way through their catalog. Their album “World of Monsters” is what drew me in back in the 90’s, living in the far far far western suburbs of Chicago. Kill Mice Elf was a game changer, and this song carries the EP for sure.

    “The fire man came to late to be useful, and the doctor is still on his way” is a line that has lived in my mind for almost 20 years now.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi, thanks for commenting. I think they just recently their material on iTunes but when I went to look for it a few weeks ago, I couldn’t find it. I’ll check again. did you ever see them live?

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