You’re no good, it’s well understood

In the dark drill holes of my heart, I believe no one will read my novel.

I think they will think less of me than I do now.

Like Elliot Smith says in his Waltz – “You’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good, can’t you tell it’s well understood?”

When I can’t sleep the world disintegrates. The small hours squeeze my heart till it races and races, running a marathon of doubt.

I worry that every person who said I was no good was right.

I miss Elliot Smith. We saw him through the window of a coffee shop on the lower east side once. It was the coolest thing. But he’s gone in the worst way possible. Such a talent, such impossible sadness.

I feel better writing about this feeling, my heart has calmed down.

About Andrea

Andrea DeAngelis is at times a poet, writer, shutterbug and musician living in New York City. Her writing has recently appeared in Timeless Tales Magazine, Umbrella Factory and Niteblade. ( Andrea also sings and plays guitar in the indie rock band MAKAR ( who are in the midst of recording their third album, Fancy Hercules.
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