Both Mark and I were published in Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Legend Mega Issue

My flash fiction piece, The Eyes, was published in Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Legend Mega Issue.

The craziest thing about this is Mark’s (my husband) piece – La Puerta – also placed in the top ten of their Flash Legend contest as well. The editors commented that —

“We also saw a Molotov first, with two people who apparently live at the same address each scoring a slot in the Top 10 (must be something in the water).”

Once we saw that scrolling down on the contest winners’ announcement page, we hoped they were talking about us.

And they were!

My story
The Eyes – No. 4

Mark’s story and first published piece
La Puerta – No. 9 (a suitable musical placement)

Also, super exciting, both of our stories will be included in Molotov Cocktail’s Fifth Annual Prize Winners Anthology (details on that in late summer).

We’re looking forward to reading the entire issue.

About the stories

I based The Eyes on the urban legend of De Ogen in the Sonian Forest. The book, De Kinderen van Het Bezeten Bos, (written in 1937) which inspired this tale is believed to be a work of fiction.

What drew me to this tale was the desire to read this original book which I cannot seem to find and probably wouldn’t have an English translation. And if I couldn’t read this book, then my imagination made me want to recreate it. I enjoy fleshing out the sparser urban legends.

Also, the idea of being trapped in an endless cycle of being murdered over and over again is especially horrifying and insomnia inducing. I am intrigued with the idea of time shifts and closed loops in horror and where horror trips over into science fiction.

Mark’s story La Puerta is something he’s been kicking around for a while. I am so happy that this contest finally provided him the opportunity to write it. And that’s all I will say about that.

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Cross your fingers and your toes for us – MAKAR entered NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest for 2019. This may be our year.

Our direct link to our entry below

Or watch below

Look closely — We have transformed our bathroom into a little concert with acoustics and vibes. Mark borrowed Andrea’s sun hat. If you look even closer, you will see very tiny desks, and can spot Castiel there looking a little worse for wear. That’s what travelling around in Andrea’s backpack will do to you. Also the Hulk is standing on chair because Hulk doesn’t sit, duh!

The song – Devil in a Dream Part II will be on our forthcoming album, Fancy Hercules.

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