thanksgiving 2016 in the time of fascism

I spoke to my parents again and am going to go to Thanksgiving. I tried to explain that I don’t feel like I can talk to them because they always yell (and then sometimes I yell back) and I’m tired of the yelling. I don’t think they will ever change at this point or understand what their vote for Trump and hate has done but they are my parents and the only ones I will have.

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Zombies Have Rights Too



We finally finished our ridiculous ode to zombies a la The Walking Dead – ZOMBIES HAVE RIGHTS TOO and posted the ditty to Soundcloud just in time for Halloween. This is an acoustic version for now. We may add drums and bass later.

I’m especially proud of our zombie noises and all the other oddities.

But you can listen and download our tune at the linkage below —

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