America Where Are You – NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2017

So here is our entry for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest –¬†America Where Are You


Broadcast from our bedroom where we usually practice since it’s the most insulated from our neighbors (we’re next to a stairwell and our living room is on the other side).

I think we’re going to record our rehearsals at home from now on to get used to video recording ourselves and get over nerves and self-consciousness as much as possible. More home videos to come soon!

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Video recording

Wow recording yourself rehearsing is hard. It’s a whole new world.

We’ve been working on submissions for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts and trying to get used to the camera running is nerve-racking. It’s great practice though. It’s hard to watch yourself in the screen. I find myself often not looking into mirrors, takes me out of myself and into harsh criticism so I just don’t look!

The deadline for Tiny Desks is this weekend so wish us luck. We will probably submit America Where Are You.

America Where Are You has always been notoriously hard for me to sing because it’s so emotional for me, now more than ever. But I think we’ve already gotten a good take. I will post all the good takes to YouTube. Cheers!

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